Morning Adventure

Kuçuk Kuyruk

We have been in wasp free heaven for the last two nights. Repeating myself endlessly I know but the waters are clear turquoise green and teeny fish create a boat shape of their own sheltering in our shadow; rocky edges, pine trees and handsome black goats complete the picture. Sometimes we are on our own, sometimes a gullet comes to join us bringing a hoard of cheerful Turkish holiday makers, singing and splashing and messing around in canoes and floats and sometimes there are other sailboats.


We’ve enjoyed the most splendid moon over the last two nights – very special – rising up over the mountains on the other side of the sound above Fethiye and slowly coming over our bay and staying with us all night lighting up the rocks with an eerie glow.


This morning we decided to explore, having been told by our neighbours of a path that took you up to a wonderful view over the other side of the peninsula into the many little bays and up towards Goçek. We set off up the stony bottom of a ravine, imagining winter water bringing the large and small boulders and tree trunks cascading down. It was quite a scramble and the going was difficult in parts but we’re tough! Eventually we left the dry river bed and struck up through thorny bushes to the very top where we found a shepherds or hunters hut and here we looked down at the spectacular view. There were boats nestled around the kinks in the bay and early swimmers out for the cool of the day. We drank our water and shared some dried fruit and listened to the occasional cricket and the distant bleat of a goat. We took a different route down, probably the one we should have taken in the first place and got back home for a swim and late breakfast.

image image

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