New Crew


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We halved the average age of the crew this week when we were visited by Mac, Sophia, Thomas and Chloë. They stayed in a very nice hotel in Goçek with blessèd air conditioning that we really appreciated retreating to at the end of the day. It has been one of the hottest weeks I’ve experienced and the previous week I was alarmed by a story of a friend’s two year old who ended up in hospital on a drip as a result of the extreme heat. It has been beyond hot; sometimes I’ve felt that I was broiling, the sea temperature has been an unrefreshing 29/30C so of course the interior of the boat can hardly be expected to get much cooler – thank goodness for our fans.

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The week alternated between hotel and boat, between visits to beach and pool and trips out on the boat. We celebrated Mac’s birthday, inducted two small children into sailing life and went turtle spotting. There are lots of them here but very difficult for small children to see as they only poke up their reptilian heads momentarily, we shout and point “there’s one!” small child swivels his head only to see a disappointingly empty stretch of water. Of course it pops up behind you in a few minutes and the process is repeated.

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The children were so good. “I do it by myself!” was the refrain all week. Tom the budding sailor who, shown something once was fairly indignant if help was offered thereafter and insisted on going up and down the companionway and getting into and out of the dinghy ‘all by himself’. He was very happy given tasks and took a keen interest in everything – his Junior Competent Crew Certificate is in the mail! Even Chloë was witnessed hauling herself up the companionway steps, that’s when she wasn’t writing her book, inspecting the facilities or generally pottering around – our bunk made a good playground.

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Farewell Mac, Sophia, Tom and Chloë, we had a lovely week and it seems very quiet now. Tom waved goodbye to me from the dinghy shouting out “Goodbye Selkie Danger” – now who could have taught him that?!

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Our cousins did take a rat away with them from Ramshackle Restaurant, it was with them for a few days until they had procured a trap and some sticky stuff and the greedy rat was caught going after the cheese in the trap. RIP RAT

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